Reset 2010

Yesterday afternoon, I found a notebook in which I had written my new years resolutions for 2009. Suffice it to say, save for one, I pretty much bombed in the keeping resolutions department. I don’t know what the hell I did with my time, but it didn’t include a writing schedule, music-playing schedule, running a half marathon in under 2:05:00, and a litany of other things. So the motto this year is Reset 2010.

This new year brings with it some adjustments to the resolutions, but they’re in the same realm. They include:

– run the Mississauga Half Marathon in under 2:00:00
– …okay, this is a hard one…keep that commitment I made on May 14 and have that damn show. It may not be the show I originally had in mind, but it’s me, on stage, peeing my pants and singing my heart out.
– stretch
– eat less sugar
– author the feature article in an issue of the New York Times Sunday Magazine. Or at least, author something that people will read aside from this blog.
– worry less
– slam

“Don’t let mistakes me so monumental and don’t let your love be so confidential and don’t let your mind me be darn judgemental and please let your heart be more influential.” – Michael Franti