I’ve had writer’s block for almost two months now. Clearly.

Well tonight, I am officially unblocked. And it only took a big fall into that cesspool called Memory to do it.

I’m moving. Again. For the sixth time in five years. I moved in 2003. I moved in 2004. I moved in 2005. I did not move in 2006 (though I prayed every single day that year that I could move). I moved twice in 2007. Yup, twice. And now, it is October 2008, and I’m moving again.

And as it is with moving, you go through shit, and sort out shit, and pack up shit, and inevitably, you find shit. I found a lot of shit. Pictures and cards and blah blah. But what I found which was the catalyst in my unblocking was e-mails.

A folder full of printed e-mails starting in 2001 and ending in…whatever. I didn’t even check the date of the last one, but believe me when I say the folder was full.

There was a lot of stuff I got rid of. There are some things I still have, and maybe will get rid of one day. I’m sure there are things I will never get rid of. But today, I got rid of that folder. Years worth of correspondence, some of it I’m sure very sweet and romantic. In the recycling bin. So that it can be turned into paper that will one day be used by someone else to print an e-mail from his or her beloved to be put in a folder to be thrown away years later, not with tears, but a shake of the head instead.

Well, at least I’m unblocked.