The Turning Point

My brother is moving to Thailand for two years, and he leaves tomorrow. That really blows. My brother and I are super-close without being all that close. It’s a hard relationship to define, but it works for us. He’s awesome and cool, and young and growing, and while I’m so excited for him and his new adventure, I’m going to miss him, and every time I think about him leaving, I want to cry.

Yesterday my brother and I were talking, and I was telling him about all my new adventures this summer. My brother is the opposite of me – he’s totally not a corporate suit. He always tells me that I just “work for the man”, am “part of the rate race”, and I’m wasting my life “padding the pockets of the white man”. Whatever. It pays the bills for now. He’s much more free and easy than me. His life is about being happy. My life is about getting through it.

This summer I’ve started to realize that he my be on to something, and I think he could see the change as I was telling him about drumming and dancing and singing and laughing and generally not caring so much about all the stupid shit I’ve worried about before. He said it was like I was having my “TSN Turning Point”. He could be right.

Who’s That Girl?

“Earlier you said you couldn’t even recognize your own shadow, but I think you can see it more clearly now than ever…”

So he said to me several hours later. Several hours after I noticed my shadow while I was wearing a wig, and commented that I didn’t recognize it.

I’m sure when he wrote it, he didn’t realize what a maelstrom he would set off in my mind.