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Conversations At The Gym, Part I

In the gym today, I got myself tangled up in a conversation I didn’t want to have. It started innocently enough about music, but I should’ve known it would devolve into a pile of shit when he told me that rap music hasn’t been good since Marky Mark. (True story.)

It didn’t take long before the conversation turned political, and it became very clear very quickly that I was speaking to a Trump supporter.

And so it began. Him spewing his right-wing nonsense, and me smiling and nodding and “uh-huh”ing and “oh really?”ing and not arguing with him. Because I knew I couldn’t and wouldn’t change his mind.

I admit, I did get a smug satisfaction when I informed him that Gennifer Flowers was, in fact, not going to be in the audience for the debate tonight.

So about that debate:

I don’t think anyone’s mind was changed tonight. Trump supporters love him because he’s an idiot. Hillary’s supporters can’t stand the idea of a Trump presidency. And I don’t think either of those camps shifted today.

But after all the shit he has said about women over the years, it was a real moment for me to watch the first woman in a Presidential debate laughing at him on stage. And he deserved it.

She mopped the floor with him.

I can’t wait to go to the gym tomorrow.




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