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You wanna be startin’ somethin’


Since graduating from university 12 years ago, I’ve had six unique jobs in four different industries.  And I’ve loved them all for their own reasons.  All this variety has limited my depth in each industry, but has given me a breadth and a set us transferrable skills that I know will continue to serve me well.

But, there has been something missing in all of these areas – art.  They all involved working with different people, working on different projects and stepping outside my comfort zone to some degree, but none of them involved art.  And don’t give me that blah blah “you can find art in anything” blah blah.  The industries were health care, banking, government and property management.  I found fun and learning in all of them, but not art.

I never imagine myself living an artist’s life, because I always felt too conservative for it.  Artists work all night and sleep all day, but I like to go to be early and wake up early.  Artists keep odd hours, but I enjoy having structure.  Artists don’t have stability, and I need stability like I need oxygen.  At least, all of this is what I thought.

And again, it was Stu that shone the light on my limited thinking.  He said, “You can make your life whatever you want it to be.  If you want to be an artist who works 9-5, then be an artist who works 9-5.  It’s your life.  You can make it look like whatever you want.”

Since then, I’ve thought a lot about what that would look like.  How could I incorporate art into my life, and make it financially lucrative?  Who would that involve?  What would I/we do?  How could I have an artist’s life while having the stability and structure I crave?

And then I started talking to someone about it, and an idea started to form.  Could we do it?  Could we create something?  Could a life with art – money-making art – be within our reach?  I’ll admit, we only just started talking about it, but the idea is growing on me more and more every minute, and I think I wanna be startin’ somethin’.

I’ve thought about an artist’s life before – different ideas, different opportunities – and I’ve killed every one.  I didn’t go for any of them, in even a minor way, because I was scared.  But now things are different.  And all it took was a shift in perspective.

And now I really, really, wanna be startin’ somethin’.

2 thoughts on “You wanna be startin’ somethin’

  1. Not all artists are the same. I must say, with pure love, that your fantasy is distorted. It might possibly be the movie version. An artist can’t be defined by any of these criteria. Being an artist is in your soul. It’s your heart on your sleeve, or strapped to your boot… it’s a state of mind, heart and soul that you express to the world. You are an artist just as much as I am and my life is none of those things you described. Stop with the parameters and just live it. Embrace fearlessness. 😉

  2. My fantasy is totally the movie version! But you’re right – I know that’s not actually what art is. I love the “it’s your heart on your sleeve” idea. That’s totally what it is for me. 🙂

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