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Please don’t do it


Since I’ve been on maternity leave, I’ve developed an interest in reality tv.  I can see all your eyes rolling now, but hear me out, yo.  You can miss whole chunks of episodes while you change a diaper or get some laundry or warm some milk, and really, you haven’t missed much at all.  So it’s great tv when you need something on but know you can’t sit there and watch the whole thing.  With that said, even I have standards.  I won’t go near Jersey Shore.  But I have enjoyed watching every episode of every season of Guiliana and Bill.  Twice.

Because the summer allowed me to get all caught up with G&B, you can imagine my excitement when the new season started a few weeks ago, and G&B are having a baby boy!

In last week’s episode, their baby nurse mentioned the option of circumcising the little guy.  She stressed that it’s not medically necessary, but that there are people who opt to do it for religious or cultural reasons, and she needed to know what they chose.

Well, to my great dismay, they chose to circumcise their infant son.  And why? Because Bill quite flippantly said he didn’t want his son to get beat up in the locker room.

Really, Bill Rancic?  REALLY??  I thought you were a smart guy.  That was a shitty answer to why you’re doing a shitty thing.  Being so cavalier about performing an unnecessary medical procedure on a helpless infant is far beneath you.  You can do better than that.

Infant male circumcision isn’t something I thought about…well, ever.  I mean, I’m not a dude, so until I was in my 30’s, it just didn’t really come up in everyday conversation. It was Stu who brought it to my attention.  And since then, I haven’t been able to let it go.  And he only said one thing to me that made me realize how serious it is.  He said, “Would you do it to a little girl?”

Any idea I had that male circumcision wasn’t a big deal went right out the window at that moment.  Because of course I wouldn’t do it to a girl.  And so if it’s not okay for girls, why would it be okay for boys?  The answer is, it’s not.

Stu is good at keeping a level head about this when speaking to others, which is great.  He can make an intellectual argument that people will listen to, whereas I just get emotional and I get incensed and then I get loud and then people roll their eyes and tune out.  But I don’t know how not to get emotional and incensed. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have that same reaction.  Consider that if male circumcision was held off until men were 18 years old, you can bet your bottom dollar a lot of them would be saying “hell to the no!” and not having the procedure done at all.  The only reason it is done on infant boys is because they can’t say no.  And so our culture routinely cuts the most sensitive part of a baby boy’s body just because they don’t have language?  And yet, they do have language.  They cry.  And have you every heard the cry of a baby being circumcised?  You’ll never forget it.

Think about it dudes.  Imagine someone coming to snip your bits.  With a little local anesthetic?  Would you go for that?  Can you imagine the pain not just during, but after?  And why is this done?  Because someone was lazy about properly cleaning their baby’s bits and said it prevents infections?  Because God said so?  Because some fickle females say they like the way it looks? Really???

I warned you.  Emotional. Incensed.

I know more than one woman who will/could be having a baby boy over the next year.  I hope they read this.  I hope they think about this.  I hope they do their research.  And I hope I hope with all my heart that they don’t hurt another little boy.

Incensed.  Emotional.

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