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So you think you can dance?

I never really fancied myself much of a dancer.  I would offer that I found my groove as I got older, but even then, I’d consider myself medicore at best.  But even through mediocrity, I’ve always loved to dance.  With time, I let go of the worry of looking good on the dance floor and just danced. But even then – I’d call myself a writer and a musician.  But I would never call myself a dancer.

Then last year, I found hoop dancing.  At camping and music festival, on a hot, lazy, summer afternoon, I stumbled upon some girls with hula hoops – a childhood toy, as far as I knew.  But what these girls were doing was beyond anything I remembered from my childhood.  Hooping at their waists and chess and around their legs and playing with the hoop off their bodies as much as on their bodies.  I tried it myself and immediately fell in love with the whole thing.  Hooping and moving and, dare I say, dancing?  Not yet.

I went home, got myself a hoop, signed up for classes, and scoured YouTube for instructional and inspirational videos.  But even then, something still held me back from really going for it.  I still couldn’t claim to be a dancer.  I knew I had a talent for the tricks, but I was never interested in just tricks.  I wanted to DANCE.

Then I happened upon a video that changed my perspective.  It really changed how I approached hooping.  And a couple of weeks ago, I summoned all my courage and signed up for a workshop I took with Spiral and Rich (hooping legends) from Hoop Technique.  It was during this workshop where I really started to see myself being good at this.  Being great at this.  Being fluid and artistic.  It was the first time I felt like I was really moving easily with the hoop.  It was the first time I called myself a dancer.

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