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Let’s recap, shall we?

I know it’s been a while.  And yes, I know I’ve said it before, but I’m just going to go ahead and say it again:  I’m back, bitches.

Now that we have the usual rigmarole out of the way, let’s play a little catch up as we quickly reacquaint ourselves.  Here’s what’s been up with me since January:

  • I started a job that I really love
  • I took a course that changed my life.  Then took the next course, and the next.  I’ll be on this path for a long time.  More on that in another post.
  • I started a band with a few other people, and we’re awesome
  • I started sharing some of the music I have written over the past decade, and now some of the original music the band does is mine
  • I got engaged
  • I got married and had what was, quite frankly, the best.  wedding.  ever.
  • I started writing again.  A lot.  Just not here.  But go meander over to The Writer’s Block if you want to see just a little bit of it
  • I started hooping a lot more, and you know what – I’m pretty damn good at it
  • I wrote a song for a friend, and then performed it at her birthday party while playing the guitar
  • I went to Burning Man
  • My band is going to be recording our first demo in a few weeks
  • I saw Roger Waters’ The Wall.  For free.  ‘Cause there just happens to be horseshoe up my ass.
  • I quit my job (last day:  Dec 31)
  • On Jan 5th, we’re going to Thailand.  For six months.
  • When I come back from Thailand, I will either be a freelance magazine writer, a professional songwriter, a professional musician or I will go back to the corporate world.  No matter which it is, it will be pretty freakin’ fantastic.
  • I didn’t stretch more, I didn’t eat less sugar, I didn’t keep my promise for Taylor, I didn’t slam and I didn’t run the Mississauga Marathon in less than 2 hours
  • I lost a friend and made so many more.
  • So far, this year has been pretty damn amazing.  Last week, I told someone “my life is like a pinata that exploded, and it’s raining candy”.
  • I’m going to complete NaBloPoMo.  Dare me?

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