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The Biggest Crybaby

Confession: I love The Biggest Loser.

It is one of my all-time favourite reality shows, right next to the first Paradise Hotel. (Shut up each and every one of you – you loved it too.)

I feel so inspired watching these people work out hard, lose weight, feel better and better about themselves each week. It makes me want to work out, and lose weight, and achieve something major in my life.

And, as an aside, I have a huge crush on Bob Harper. He’s hot, and he does yoga, and he has a beard (at least, he does this season).

My favourite episodes of all reality shows are the ones where family members come to visit, or the participants get calls home, or something to that effect. They make me cry like a baby, every time.

In today’s episode, the contestants are getting makeovers at the 12-week point. I’m not going to get into the issue that they’ve each lost somewhere between 60 and 110 pounds in 12 weeks, and how utterly ridiculous and unsustainable that is, but they all got fabulous makeovers. And then they all walked a catwalk in their own little fashion show. And each time a contestant came out, he or she had a family member there to greet them.

Cry cry cry.

You’d think I could stop crying after the first two or three. I mean, I know what’s coming. Contestant comes out, looking fabulous. Struts down the runway. Family member shows his/her face. Contestant yelps in delight. They run into each others arms and hug and kiss and cry and fuss over how much weight has been lost and how great the contestants hair/makeup/clothes are and on and on.

But no. I simply couldn’t stop myself. Each reunion for me was a flood of tears as fresh as the first.

I truly am the biggest crybaby.


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